Why throw heat down the drain?

How ZYPHO works

The principle is simple: Run outgoing wastewater against a copper coil of incoming cold water.

While the two streams are kept physically separate, the heat passes from the waste hot to the fresh cold. ZYPHO has encapsulated these thermodynamic processes in a single, ingeniously-designed unit, able to fit under virtually any shower tray.

ZYPHO benefits your home

Hot water is a massive part of the average household’s energy bill.

These days people tend to shower more frequently, for longer and with greater water flow rates than ever before. Yet we are in the throes of a climate emergency, and increasingly want to make a difference.

By the simple act of recovering heat from waste water, ZYPHO improves the efficiency of the shower by between 30 – 65% (depending on application and model).

ZYPHO is extremely easy to install, requires no power connections and contains no moving parts. Once installed, it passively recovers heat from every shower, day after day, year after year.

Less energy consumed = Fewer CO2 emissions = More showers for ‘free’.

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Zypho for New Builds

Earn cost-effective SAP points.

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Zypho for Retrofit

Improve your home’s energy efficiency rating.

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Easy Installation

Install in eight easy steps.

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