Need affordable Shower Waste Heat Recovery?

Zypho has the answer

In Britain we are using more hot water than ever in our showers.

Pie Chart showing energy use in kWh of various appliances used daily including heating water for a shower

Through a combination of taking more showers, greater flow rates (former trickles have become power showers) and simply staying in for longer, hot water usage in the shower is now the single biggest energy requirement after heating our homes.

While we insulate our homes to stop heat escaping, we continue to throw vast amounts of heat down the drain – literally – without a second thought.

Enter Zypho.

Zypho shower heat recovery unit

To date shower waste heat recovery has been an awkward case of installing custom-made solutions to a home’s plumbing. Bespoke and expensive, it has often fallen off the end of peoples’ priority lists. However, Zypho heat recovery system changes all of this.

With its unique, modular, single-piece design, the Zypho shower heat recovery unit can be fitted neatly under a shower tray, making shower heat recovery affordably available to everyone.

With the launch of its Technical Support and Logistics centre in Milton Keynes, Zypho is now well-positioned to supply large volumes to the UK market.

“Many of our customers are amazed at how simple the Zypho system is to fit” said Dr. Andrew Smith, Technical Director of Zypho UK.

“With tightening building regulations, pound-for-pound, Zypho offers some of the most cost-effective SAP points available”.

Zypho is extremely easy to install, requires no power connections and contains no moving parts. Once installed, it passively recovers heat from every shower, day after day, year after year. It comes with a variety of drain finishes to suit any installation, ranging from standard shower tray to high-end brushed stainless steel wet-room options.

Andrew concluded: “When you have a shower tonight, think about what’s going down the drain. Now that we can recover the heat, we owe it to future generations to actually do so, efficiently and affordably.”