Case study

Reducing domestic fuel bills

Case study from Pivot Developments Ltd on installation of Zypho to new builds

Customer background

Alison Syfret and family, Bedfordshire UK
  • A family of 6, including 4 children
  • 2 bathrooms – the main family bathroom has a shower over a bath
  • All family members shower once per day

Before fitting Zypho shower water heat recovery unit

“Our household was always an excessive user of gas. We were using more than the national average, even though our thermostat is set to a relatively low 18 degrees Celsius.

Even if we set the water temperature right up to 65 degrees, we could never get it very hot.”

With so many people using the shower, hot water supply was always an issue, especially in the winter. Even if we set the water temperature right up to 65 degrees, we could never get it very hot. And by the time everyone had finished showering, there was no hot water for anyone else.

We decided to fit a Zypho when we were having our bathroom renovated, and the primary intention was to improve our shower experience and give us more hot water for longer. To be honest, we weren’t even looking at what financial savings we might make on our fuel bills.

The difference that Zypho has made

“Since fitting the Zypho, nobody ever runs out of hot water in the shower, which is obviously the change we were hoping for.

By installing a Zypho, we’re making significant savings… our gas usage is now about 60% of that of the average UK household.

However, something that we weren’t expecting is that our household gas fuel bills have gone down quite noticeably: we are heating the house the same way we always did, but thanks to Zypho, we’ve gone from being an above average user of gas, to using only about 60% of what the average UK household uses, so we’re spending far less on fuel.

By installing a Zypho, and reducing the load on the hot water generation system, we’re making significant savings. We had always wanted to find ways to reduce our gas bill – and with the recent massive increase in UK fuel prices this has become more important than ever, but for us this was an unexpected – and very welcome! – outcome of fitting a Zypho.

“For something that only took only a few hours to fit, it’s more than worth it!”

I just wanted to achieve a better showering experience for my family. Now we’re seeing that Zypho is making a significant difference to our fuel bill too, and it will end up paying for itself very quickly.