Discover a unique energy saving device at London Build 2022

Zypho exhibiting at UK's leading construction show, London Build 2022

London Build is the UKs leading Construction & Design show taking place at the Olympia centre. The expo offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with industry experts.

Sustainability and ‘green’ thinking have become increasingly topical subjects. Government policies have set out guidelines for efficient use of fuel and power in new buildings.  The UK’s recent Part L (thermal efficiency standards) changes are a step in the Government’s drive to become carbon neutral. Future Homes standards have provided steps to a lower carbon future.

All this is increasingly being supported by a growing consumer demand for energy efficient home solutions to reduce fuel bills (as well as their carbon footprint!). This comes as the UK tackles rising energy costs and a cost-of-living crisis, with home buyers now choosing a good home energy efficiency rating as one of the most attractive prospects and features when purchasing a property.

With all the above points in mind, we welcome you to our Zypho stand at this year’s show. Come and discuss how this heat recovery system gives easy SAP points to new home builds.

Zypho is a device that is installed under a shower tray or bathtub and becomes part of the drainage system. It works by recovering the heat and energy from waste water that would otherwise be lost down the drain. Recovered heat is then transferred to cold water mains before arriving at the shower tap mixer that is already preheated, meaning less energy is required to reach optimum shower temperature.

Zypho is easy-to-install in just eight steps, and requires no power connections and has no moving parts. Passively recovering heat from showers it can help reduce fuel bills. The heat recovery system can be fitted to new builds as well as retrofits.

To discover more about this unique waste water heat recovery system, be sure to come to London Build Expo on 16 – 17th November and visit our stand for a live demonstration.