Embodied Carbon

At Zypho®, we have always made the highest efforts to use materials most efficiently in all our products.


Whilst we need to use copper for heat transfer purposes on the current horizontal units, we are confident that it is used as efficiently as possible.


For the current horizontal model (iZi30), the embodied carbon present (made chiefly from copper and ABS moulded plastic) equates to ~16.5 kg CO2.

For the vertical Pipe65, stainless steel, the figure is ~55 kg CO2.


As soon as the Zypho® units go into operation in homes, all our products have rapid paybacks in terms of CO2.

The carbon saving will depend on how the hot water is made, assuming:
  • making HW costs 0.25 kg CO2 per kWh heat,
  • the average household is using 1500 kWh HW per year on showering
Model Model iZi30 (Horizontal) PiPe75 (Vertical)
Energy Saving Potential ±500 kWh/year ±1000 kWh/year
CO2 Saving Potential 125 kg CO2/year 250 kg CO2/year
“Payback Time” 1.5 months

16.5 ÷ 125 = 0.13 years

2.6 months

55.0 ÷ 250 = 0.22 years

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Finally, it is important to note from an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) point of view that, thanks to the passive operation of the Zypho® unit, there is no running cost/operational carbon impact.