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Why waste the hot water you paid for?

23 January 2024|Heat Recovery|

With so many people using the shower, hot water supply was always an issue, especially in the winter. Even if we set the water temperature right up to 65 degrees, we could never get it very hot. And by the time everyone had finished showering, there was no hot water for anyone else.

Case Study: Pivot Developments Ltd

14 October 2022|Case Study, New Build|

Pivot Developments Ltd is an independent property development company established by seasoned self-building team, Richard and Laura Ellam. Founded in 2020, the firm is led by principles of sustainable design, and aims to take a ‘fabric first’ approach to projects by building low-impact, high-quality living spaces, which positively enhance the occupants’ wellbeing.

Affordable Shower Waste Heat Recovery

21 May 2021|Heat Recovery|

In Britain we are using more hot water than ever in our showers. Through a combination of taking more showers, greater flow rates (former trickles have become power showers) and simply staying in for longer, hot water usage in the shower is now the single biggest energy requirement after heating our homes.