Are you ready for Part L?

On 15 June 2022, the UK’s new Part L Building Regulations came into effect, setting standards for the energy performance of new buildings and modifications to existing ones

Anyone involved in specifying, designing, constructing or fitting out buildings now needs to comply with these new regulations.

Given the large amount of energy we currently lose down the drain, Zypho shower waste heat recovery is a major energy efficiency improvement. Pound-for-pound, Zypho technology represents some of the best value SAP points available.

Did you know?

Water is expensive to heat

Hot water is a massive part of the average household’s energy bill. After space heating, it accounts for around 50% of household energy spend.

30 min/day = £600/year

30 minutes of shower use per day costs around £520 per year at current energy prices. Zypho pays back quickly.

Zypho saves energy and money

Zypho shower heat recovery systems are easy to install, reduce energy bills, and offer some of the cheapest additional SAP points for new builds.

Make your build Part L compliant

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Zypho for New Builds

Earn cost-effective SAP points.

Zypho for Retrofit

Improve your home’s energy efficiency rating.