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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to install a horizontal Zypho under a bath or shower?2022-11-02T10:39:38+00:00

Extremely easy. Unlike a lot of energy saving technology, they do not require expensive specialist labour to install. Our demonstration videos show that anyone familiar with basic plumbing could potentially fit one, but certainly any plumber could.

Is the coil open to the elements and can it clog with debris ?2022-11-02T10:41:43+00:00

The coil is open for maximum heat transference, but due to our customised filter in the drain sump, debris should not affect the coil.

Does this have any impact on Legionella safety due to drop in required water temperature?2022-09-20T10:42:11+00:00

The short answer is no:

  1. The temperatures that the cold water is preheated to are below the Legionella growth range.
  2. There is no hold up of any water in troughs or tanks – it is constantly exchanging heat then going to drain.
  3. There is no residual hold up of waste water in the Zypho unit as it has a built in angle to drain out. Provided it has been installed with a spirit level as per instructions, no stagnant water can ever build up.
How much space is needed ?2022-11-02T11:33:50+00:00

Very little. The horizontal Zypho is around 540mm in length and 90mm in depth, so it fits easily under baths and shower trays. The vertical Zypho for two-storey properties fits in the waste water drainage pipe, and measures from 1600mm to 2000 mm, depending on which model you choose.

Will we need one application per shower?2022-09-20T10:49:07+00:00

It’s possible to run more than one shower off of each unit but it will depend on the layout of the building in respect to where the showers are located.

Talk to us and we can advise.

Do you need a special thermostat on the shower, or do you turn it down manually as it warms up?2022-09-20T10:43:08+00:00

A normal thermostatic mixer valve should take care of it all without any user intervention.

In terms of maintenance, does it require something in particular? Does it need to be accessible?2022-09-20T10:43:23+00:00

Like any plumbing it’s good practice to keep things accessible, but no likely maintenance required. We do recommend an occasional (6 monthly) dose of standard drain cleaner to help keep the copper coil bright and operating at top efficiency.

Can you get the recovered heat back to a storage tank?2022-09-20T10:46:00+00:00

Not really – the temperatures are pretty low.

We are heating water from ~10°C to 20 – 25°C. That said, you can preheat the CW feed to your thermal store.

Where can I buy the unit?2022-09-20T10:45:30+00:00

Give us a call and we’ll either sell to you directly, or pass you on to one of our merchant partners.

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Is there a Zypho model for bathwater only?2022-09-20T10:44:54+00:00

No, we don’t supply systems to recover heat from baths. This would involve dropping the bath out into a separate tank somewhere and then recovering the heat, and would be quite complex and bulky. We only recover heat from continuous hot water flows as in showers.

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ZYPHO Certifications

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Zypho is a WRAS approved product