New Build

Easy SAP points. Fit and forget.

Improves EPC at lower cost.

No moving parts. Quality components.

No power.
No batteries.
No wires.

Adaptable to most baths and showers.

Simple system. Easy to install.

High-quality engineering and materials.

As the new Part-L Building Regulations come into force, shower heat recovery has never been more relevant.

Pound for pound, ZYPHO systems can earn some of the easiest SAP points for new builds.


In comparison to MVHR, Solar PV, solar HW, heat pumps or improved glazing, ZYPHO shower heat recovery units only cost a few hundred pounds and saves the household considerable energy.

Easy to install

ZYPHO systems are extremely easy to install, requiring no power connections and containing no moving parts. What’s more, unlike many low-carbon technologies, ZYPHO installation requires no specialist professional skills beyond those of a regular plumber.


Once installed, ZYPHO passively improves the efficiency of the shower by around 30 – 65%, (depending on application and model). Less energy consumed = Fewer CO2 emissions.

Horizontal solutions
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Vertical solutions
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Added value for housing developments

As the UK becomes increasingly environmentally aware, homeowners are seeking greener homes.

Installing ZYPHO shower heat recovery offers a valuable differentiation.

The technology can be easily understood by prospective buyers and can add considerably more value to the finished house than its cost.

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Zypho for Retrofit

Improve your home’s energy efficiency rating.

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