Zypho® recovers heat from your waste shower water, saving you hundreds of pounds per year.

Three variants available


  • Perfect for flats or downstairs bathrooms.
  • Improves energy efficiency by up to 44%.


  • The slimmest shower heat recovery device on the market.
  • Improves energy efficiency by up to 66%.


  • Ideal for two-storey homes with upstairs bathrooms.
  • Improves energy efficiency by up to 82%.
  1. Zypho helps alleviate fuel poverty by reducing household water heating bills by between 31% – 82%, saving the average household £ 200 – £ 400 per year.
  2. The cost of showering for 30 minutes per day costs the average UK household £ 600 per year. With Zypho, this could be reduced by at least 33% through a simple bathroom modification.

By installing Zypho, we’re making significant savings. It is making a big difference to our fuel bill, and it will end up paying for itself quickly.

Alison Syfret, Zypho UK Customer

Low cost • Easy to fit • Significant energy savings

By recovering heat from waste shower water, Zypho improves the efficiency of the shower by between 31-82%, depending on the application, model and flow rate. With no moving parts or power connection, it is perfect for new builds or retrofitting.

Daily energy usage in the average UK household

Water is expensive to heat

Second only to space heating, hot water is a massive part of the average household’s energy bill. Showering accounts for ~85% of its use.

30 min/day = £ 600/year

30 minutes of shower use per day costs around £ 600 per year at current energy prices. Zypho pays back quickly.

Zypho saves energy and money

Zypho shower heat recovery systems are easy to install, reduce energy bills and offer some of the cheapest additional SAP points for new builds.