Horizontal Solutions

Horizontal shower drain heat recovery solutions.

Vertical Solutions

Vertical shower drain heat recovery solutions.

Horizontal Solutions

iZi 30 High Flow and iZi 40 Eco Shower

Heat transfers from the shower’s hot waste water to the incoming cold mains supply. This heated water can be directed either to the shower tap, the water heater or both.

Horizontal shower drain waste water heat recovery solutions include Zypho iZi 30 High Flow & iZi Eco Shower

In this example, 40°C hot water transfers up to 50% of its heat to the incoming 10°C cold water from the mains.

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Performance and Efficiency

iZi 30

Flow Rate Efficiency Pressure drop
5.8 L/min 31% 0.2 bar
9.2 L/min 28% 0.6 bar
12.5 L/min 25% 1.1 bar

Tolerances: Efficiency ± 3 p.p. | Pressure drop ± 0.1 bar.

iZi 40

Flow Rate Efficiency Pressure drop
5.8 L/min 39% 0.1 bar
9.2 L/min 33% 0.3 bar
12.5 L/min 29% 0.7 bar

Tolerances: Efficiency ± 3 p.p. | Pressure drop ± 0.1 bar.

Description iZi 30 iZi 40
Temperature Range 0-60 °C 0-60 °C
Drinking water maximum pressure 6.0 bar 6.0 bar
Drained water maximum flow rate 1 25.0 L/min 12.5 L/min
Heat exchanger material 2 Copper Copper
Body Material ABS ABS

1. Value is assuming 2 cm water level. Depending on the installation, the flow rate may change.
2. Double-walled Heat Exchanger as requested by EN1717.


Install iZi 30 or iZi 40 to any shower tray, bath, linear or square drain.

Shower Drain

Bath Drain

Square shower drain

Linear shower drain

Drain finishes

Built to last from high-quality materials, choose the perfect finish for your project.

Brushed Stainless Steel Square drain

Brushed Stainless Steel Linear Drain

Standard 90mm shower tray drain

Bath tub drain

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