Improve your EPC score.

Improves EPC at lower cost.

No moving parts. Quality components.

No power.
No batteries.
No wires.

Adaptable to most baths and showers.

Simple system. Easy to install.

High-quality engineering and materials.

Higher EPC profile at lower cost

As of April 2020, landlords can no longer legally let properties rated below E.

These laws will tighten further with time.

The UK’s aging building stock presents a huge challenge in terms of energy efficiency.

Millions of homes fall in the E, F and G bandings.

Landlords need to improve their EPC scores at the least possible cost.

Cost-effective SAP points

Once building insulation has been improved, ZYPHO offers a superbly cost-effective solution to additional SAP points.

Secure your bottom line

ZYPHO helps tenants through lower utility bills. Ultimately, more money in their pocket = more likely to pay the rent.

Potential SAP point improvement with Zypho¹

Horizontal solutions
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Vertical solutions
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Fight fuel poverty and energy waste with Zypho

Fuel poverty still affects millions of households in the UK. Many must choose between heating or eating.

Water heating is the single biggest energy use after space heating. ZYPHO makes a significant difference to fuel-poor households.

A four-person household operating an electric shower can easily spend unto £400 on showering per year—literally money down the drain.

Stop the waste with ZYPHO.

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Zypho for New Builds

Earn cost-effective SAP points.

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